Action will eliminate reporting requirements for over a thousand small carriers.

As part of its Data Innovation Initiative, the Federal Communications Commission
continued its modernization of its international reporting requirements. In 2011, the Commission adopted a First Report and Order, FCC 11-76, which eliminated a number of outdated international reporting requirements and reduced the number of international reports to just two: the Traffic and Revenue Report and the Circuit Status Report. This Second Report and Order further streamlines these two reports by eliminating reporting requirements for over a thousand small carriers and reducing the level of detail submitted by international service providers by over 75 percent. Taken together, the Commission estimates these changes will reduce the overall burdens industry-wide by nearly 30 percent.
The Commission also adopted reforms that ensure data collections match the Commission’s needs while avoiding unnecessary or excessive burdens on international service providers. These include replacing the current system of billing codes for reporting telephone service with a series of simplified filing schedules, and allowing carriers to report their transit traffic on a world-total, rather than route-by-route basis.
To ensure it has a complete understanding of the international voice market, the Commission will obtain traffic and revenue data for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) international services that are connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In addition, to modernize the traffic and revenue report, the Commission will require service providers to separately report their international voice traffic terminated on landlines overseas and the traffic terminated on mobile networks.
The next step is for the International Bureau to issue a new consolidated Filing Manual with instructions on how to file the revised traffic and revenue and the circuit status reports. 

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