Facebook rolls out new web and database server designs

Open Compute 2013

Facebook, the company behind the founding of the Open Compute Project that is opening server, storage, rack, and data center designs, gave a sneak peek this week at some new models that it is working on and could donate to the OCP cause.
At the Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara this week, Frankovsky showed off a few server designs as well as talking up some microserver standards that it has established to make it possible to mix and match different processor architectures on the same backplane and in the same chassis.
The first new server coming out of Facebook is code-named "Dragonstone" and the specs for it are available out there on the Open Compute site unlike some of the other designs that were shown off this week.
According to Frankovsky, for certain database functions at Facebook, it was more important to have redundant power supplies for a database node than it was to have multiple compute nodes in an Open Compute V2 chassis sharing a single power supply. (This chassis and its related Xeon and Opteron server nodes were divulged in May 2012 and contributed to the Open Compute Project, and they are the servers that are in use in Facebook's data center in Forest City, North Carolina.)
The Open Compute V2 chassis uses server nodes called "Windmill" based on two-socket Xeon E5-2600 processors from Intel and another two-socketeer called "Watermark" that are based on the Opteron 6200 and now the Opteron 6300 processor from Advanced Micro Devices.

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