Extended Feature Set Profile Specification

This specification defines Extended Feature Set (EFS) Profiles - sets of features to be used in latent friction ridge (fingerprint, palmprint or plantar) searches of automated friction ridge identification systems (AFIS). The EFS Profiles are designed to be interoperable among AFIS systems from different vendors and to enable cross-jurisdictional searches that would not otherwise be practical. Multiple EFS Profiles are defined to allow for tradeoffs between examiner time and search accuracy. EFS Profiles also may be used simply to document latent friction ridge features, such as for potential use in legal proceedings or exchange between latent examiners, and need not be for AFIS matching purposes.

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Melissa K. Taylor; Will Chapman; Austin Hicklin; George Kiebuzinski; John Mayer-Splain; Rachel Wallner; Peter Komarinski
Publication date: January 14, 2013
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