ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems

The fifth ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is scheduled for 05-06 February 2013. The event will be jointly hosted by AustriaTech, ASFINAG and Kapsch TrafficCom in the city of Vienna, Austria.


The workshop will present the content of the Release 1 standardization package for Cooperative ITS. Release 1 basically is the "minimum set of standards" for interoperability provided in accordance with the European Commission Standardization Mandate M/453. These standards are intended for the initial deployment of Cooperative ITS and have been developed by CEN and ETSI. This minimum set of standards has almost been completed now.

The ITS release oriented process:
• is an organised process for standardization of Cooperative ITS
• enables development of standards based on agreed functionalities to be deployed by the stakeholders
• covers the functionalities and technologies (i.e. the features) subject to a consultation process with stakeholders deploying Cooperative ITS.

The next phase of standardization for Cooperative ITS will be Release 2, which should include the additional features needed to support the deployment of more complex use cases, enabling a large installed base of cooperative systems and supporting additional available networks as required by the various stakeholders.
An extended range of applications needs to be provided in the standards for both V2V and V2I/I2V mobility services. These standards should focus on crash avoidance, intersection collision warning and a limiting amount of traffic management types of use-cases both V2V and V2I/I2V communications.
New applications especially designed for specific groups of ITS stations, like trucks or large vehicles, will require new message sets and a new way of thinking when exchanging information. If Release 1 focused on disseminating locally gathered information to the other participants, Release 2 will concentrate on enabling a real dialog to take place between participants. The information will not just be advertised, but be part of a two-way information-exchange process ultimately leading to an agreed decision where each ITS-station will know what the other participants are going to do and how. The real cooperative nature of ITS will be enabled, with all participants being able to share information and make their contribution to the decision making process.
logo ETSI-ITSThe mission of ETSI's Intelligent Transport Systems Technical Committee (TC ITS) is the creation and maintenance of standards and specifications for the use of information and communications technologies in intelligent transport systems to be deployed across the world, for example vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications.


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