E-trade to close the year by 30 billion Liras of volume in Turkey

In the announcement made from the Interbank Card Center (BKM) in Turkey, it is stated that the shopping made through cards over the Internet that caught a growth rate over 50% on yearly basis in 5 years in Turkey will close 2012 by 30 billion Liras volume; and the shopping volume made through the Internet by card in 2013 is estimated to surpass 350 billion Liras.
According to the announcement, BKM evaluated the role of card payments in e-trade, and it shared card payment data over the Internet in 2012 and 2023 vision during the meeting it held.
BKM General Manager, Dr. Soner Canko stated that payment habits changed along with the life style of people around the world.
Pointing out to the fact that the concept of shopping over the Internet grows rapidly in Turkey, Canko stated that it is estimated that card payments in e-trade will close this year by 30 billion Liras. On the other hand, this amount is aimed to go beyond the number of 350 billion Liras in 2023. The card payment made over the Internet, creating one of the major parts of ‘2023 Non-Cash Payment’ vision, are contributed through Express by BKM, Canko added.
Recording that BKM Express application will be carried to mobile platforms by the beginning of 2013, as well, and by this, easy, safe and rapid payment will be possible 7/24 by mobile phones through e-trade websites. In mobile engines, money transfer is also going to be made thanks to the application, BKM Express. The application will also be convenient to be used in all smart phones.
90% of airways shopping made over the Internet
According to BKM data, it is predicted in Turkey that card payments in e-trade will close 2012 with 157 million of transactions and 30 billion Liras of payment amount. In accordance with BKM’s 2023 Non-Cash Payments, it is estimated that the year 2023 will be ended by 600 million transactions and 356 billion Liras of payment amount.
In e-trade industry, while 5 Liras of 100 Liras of shopping is realized through e-trade in all card transactions in 2008; the number increased to 9 Liras for each 100 Liras of shopping in 2012. While it is estimated that this number will increase to 18 Liras in 2023; 143 Liras of amount per transaction in 2008 is going to reach 193 Liras in 2012.
When the industries are regarded, the industry in which Internet usage is the highest in its shopping part became airways expenses by 90%.


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