Creative Commons (CC) is Turning 10

Creative Commons is turning 10!

Creative Commons is turning 10!


“For a decade now, Creative Commons has made legal sharing and remixing easier for everyone. After ten years, it has become the default third way. Please help us make permanent this important alternative.”
— Lawrence Lessig, co-founder of Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a global non-profit organization and community. We are dedicated to supporting an open and accessible Internet that is enriched with free knowledge and creative resources for people around the world to use, share and cultivate.
Millions of people use CC licenses on some of the world's most popular user-generated content platforms. When you use a CC license to share your photos, videos, or blog, your creation joins a globally accessible pool of resources that includes the work of artists, educators, scientists, and governments, and more.

What CC Do?
Program focus areas at Creative Commons are Education, Science & Data, Culture, Government & Philanthropy, and media Platforms. From international governments to schools, from businesses to individuals, we advocate for and support the use of open licenses and the adoption of open policies
Programs are supported and aligned by a shared Policy function, and leveraged worldwide through a Global Network of affiliates.
Research & Development enables Creative Commons to continually improve its existing tools and develop new ones. R & D represents the centralized Legal and Technology resources that drive innovation, change, and progress in our work.
Operations & Fundraising at Creative Commons sustain the organization with core support and resource functions: Administration, Finance, Development, Communications, and Partnerships.


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