An Introduction to Privacy and Data Protection

22-25 April 2013 | Chicago, IL, USA

This ISACA and Deloitte unique course teaches the experienced auditor to recognize and address information security issues in the enterprise. Learn to identify and analyze the risk associated with security threats across network, operational and physical systems.

Course description:

Organization must consider protecting people's privacy when they are setting up new business systems and reviewing existing business processes. This course analyses the risk and value of personal information from different perspectives and outlines the consequences of privacy failures. It explores how organizations can govern, manage, and protect regulated and high value data to manage the risk of non-compliance, information misuse, unauthorized access, and loss.

Learning objectives:

  • Analyze the global landscape of privacy and data protection regulations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of web privacy and security issues
  • Explain workplace privacy requirements
  • Describe identity theft and prepare an incident response plan
  • Describe data leakage and its impact on the organization
  • Plan and conduct a privacy audit

Target audience:

  • Information technology auditors
  • Information security professionals
  • Financial, business process and compliance auditors
  • Chief Information Officer and other IT executives

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