A Coupled-Adjoint Method for Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Optimization

Designing quieter, more efficient aerospace systems will require coupled, high-fidelity analysis and optimization in the areas of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. This paper presents a design methodology for addressing these two disciplines within a single framework.
After detailing the governing flow and time-accurate continuous adjoint equations for unsteady aerodynamics, a continuous adjoint formulation for the control of noise is developed. In order to obtain the required remote sensitivity information for an off-body observer of noise, the adjoint formulations for aerodynamics and aeroacoustics are related through a coupling boundary condition. The result is an efficient, adjoint-based methodology for design problems involving both aerodynamic performance and noise control. Furthermore, the coupled-adjoint method could be applied to other multiphysics problems where adjoint sensitivities are desired.

Authors:  Thomas D. Economon, FranciscoPalacios, and Juan J. Alonso

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