2013 is going to be the year for bigger projects in Turkey

Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Binali Yildirim stated that 2013 is going to be the year for bigger projects in Turkey; saying that 102 new projects will be initiated; 434 projects will proceed; and 11 projects will be in service. The Minister stated that the Government has been working to complete sub and super structures of transport; to provide high quality and comfort transport opportunities since 2003; and in the direction of this purpose of Turkey, Turkey has invested 140 billion Liras for transportation, navy and communication services.
Yildirim expressed that Turkey almost got renovated as a whole; adding that new harbors, airports, high roads, railways and fiber optic webs were established in Turkey; and between 125 and 175 thousand people are employed in 3 thousand 377 building sites within the body of the Ministry. The additional employment due to these investments is also over 281 thousand people.
The length of divided roads in Turkey surpassed 22 thousand 200 kilometers, Yildirim stated; and he added that almost a thousand kilometers of divided roads have been built only in 2012. He remarked that highway length is 2 thousand 236 kilometers; and 13 thousand 834 kilometers of bituminous mold curing asphalt building and maintaining was realized between 2003 and 2012. 1518 kilometers of new mold curing asphalt was also realized in 2012. The groundwork of a lot of tunnels was also completed in 2012, and Fast Passing System is also taken into account.
One of the main factors of development indicators, railways increased to 9 thousand 931 kilometers in length in 10 years in Turkey, Yildirim stated, adding that high-speed trains are also introduced to Turkey since 2003.
“Airway usage increased 241%”
Expressing that airways also went through a great change, besides high roads and railways, in Turkey, Binali Yildirim stated that 241% increase was reached in airways usage compared to 2003. Yildirim also stated that active airways number in Turkey increased from 25 to 49.
The Minister stated that the airport number in Turkey will reach 56 after the completion of the 7 projects whose construction still goes on.
“2012 as Cyber Security year”
While making Turkey reachable, informatics and communication technologies are considered very important in Turkey, Yildirim emphasized, and he added that in this regard, informatics and technology sub-structures are very significant to be established everywhere in the country. He stressed that the increases in information society indicators is beyond the estimations stating that the total information sector income will have surpassed 44 billion dollars, while it was 11.5 billion dollars in 2003. It is expected, on the other hand, that this number will surpass 50 billion dollars in 2013. Cyber Security Commission was founded in Turkey in 2012, which refers to the regulations that are newly-made in this area. The commission, Yildirim stated, is at the level that could implement National Cyber Security Strategy Document and Action Plan, which makes 2012 cyber security year for Turkey.
Along with this, substructure investments also continued; and e-government implementations got more common in Turkey.
The social and education projects were also started in 2012; and some crucial steps were also taken in order to realize national production, Yildirim stated. He added that R&D activities in Turkey are vital in terms of developing the areas that it has dominance in international platform. In this sense, the Turkish Minister stated, R&D activities are spared more resource in Turkey.


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