100 Senators and the 57th Inauguration

The 44th President and 113th Congress on Twitter On Monday (Jan. 21), Barack Obama will be publicly sworn in as President. While buzz about the Inauguration builds on Twitter, the legislative branch has some news of their own: as of today, all 100 members of the Senate as well as 90% (398 members) of the House of Representatives are on Twitter.

When the 112th Congress convened in 2011, 44% of the Senate and 35% of the House were active on Twitter. In two years time, that’s grown to 100% of the Senate and 90% (398 representatives) of the House. Now there are 29 states with their entire delegation tweeting (both senators and all representatives); every state has at least 70% of their delegation tweeting. This map shows how many delegates from your state are active on Twitter:

(click to enlarge)


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