10% growth in communication in Turkey

Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey President, Tayfun Acarer stated that at least 10% growth is calculated in the sector for 2012; and 44 billion dollars of growth is also expected. Acarer, attending Vodafone’s innovation base, Oksijen R&D’s new center’s opening ceremony, added that Vodafone Turkey started to work like an Internet provider; and now beyond that, it has one of the greatest R&D centers of Turkey. He also stated that Vodafone, which was long known as mobile operator only until 10 years ago, now has 308 R&D employees, all Turkish engineers and over 400 projects.
Acarer expressed that Oksijen R&D has a lot of great success; adding that Oksijen R&D is defined in Vodafone as a global innovation center and it produces global projects. He also added that the support and the results obtained are praiseworthy, while the center continues to increase activities. He expressed that R&D in Turkey accelerated seriously for the past 7-8 years, saying that if 87 per mille R&D support proceeds in Turkey, 2023 targets are easy to reach.
Acarer stated that R&D is the triggering power of the informatics sector; expressing that it is the locomotive of the other sectors in Turkey. He added that the easiest way to reach 2023 vision of Turkey is to increase the services of high added value; in that as long as the price declines spent on exported products, the targets will be much accessible.
Acarer reminded Turkey’s target of being in the list of top 10 economies of the world by 2023; saying that informatics sector, R&D and software are to be propulsive force in reaching the targets. He also stated that the R&D fund that will be put in effect during the beginning of 2013 in Turkey will bring great benefit for Turkey on condition that a serious amount is transferred in this fund.
Mobile coverage is to be everywhere people live
Acarer added that a similar growth rate as 2012 is expected in 2013, as well; which increased to 44 billion dollars from 40 billion dollars in 2011.
He also stated that the political authority of Turkey is going to decide on 4G. There is going to be a tender held on January, 17th; and if the tender is completed, 2 thousand 128 places in Turkey where mobile coverage is not present will be included in the coverage, he expressed.


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