The Global Financial Crisis is NOT Financial

The Global Financial Crisis is NOT Financial
Last century has seen many crisis unfold, but the learning from them had not been applied to make our system, safer and secured. According to the author, the prevailing Financial Crisis resulted from a poor quality of information, running the global financial system. The author uses the 'information asymmetry' and 'information lifecycle' to put forth his argument. As this book extracts learning from this crisis, it explains how financial sector and other businesses can apply the concept of 'High Quality of Information' to run a 'crisis-proof- business. In this book, the author constructs the global financial architecture, that can resist crises in future. So, are we more wiser, living through the current crisis? What can the non-financial sector learn from this crisis? Make an assessment for yourself, using the C(X)O checklist at the end of the book.
Author: Sharad Awasthi
Publication Date: December 10, 2012

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