New Council for Identity Protection to examine online identity issues

A new online industry community hopes to become a resource on issues surrounding online identity issues. The Council for Identity Protection, sponsored by identity theft protection services provider LifeLock, will be a cross-industry group examining online trust, privacy and consumer rights.
The group hopes to tackle commercial and social challenges found across industries when dealing with identity fraud, cyber security, privacy and mobile technology, particularly with the rapidly evolving rate of technology and sophistication in identity theft issues.

The founding board members of the group are Stephon Coggeshall, CTO of ID Analytics, a LifeLock subsidiary; Ori Eisen, founder and chairman of The 41st Parameter; Chris Jay Hoofnagle, director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’s information privacy programs and senior fellow to the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic; Dr. Markus Jakobsson, principal scientist of consumer security at PayPal; Kevin Mitnick, author of several books on computer security and fraud; and David Montague, founder and president of The Fraud Practice.

The council is actively seeking industry opinions.


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