2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in healthcare and e-health (IEEE CICARE 2013)

15-19 April, 2013 Singapore

IEEE CICARE 2013 is the first Symposium of its kind, and will bring together leading research and clinical scientists, engineers, practitioners, technology and solution providers in healthcare and e-health from around the world to discuss latest advances in the field of computational intelligence applied to solving the growing scale and complexity of problems in these inter-disciplinary domains. This symposium will provide a forum for the presentation of recent results in the theory and practice of computational intelligence in healthcare and e-health systems and services, and there will also be Panel discussions to outline future research directions and challenges.

IEEE CICARE 2013 is being held as part of the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI’2013), Singapore, 15-19 April 2013. IEEE SSCI 2013 is one of the two flagship biennial international events sponsored by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS) promoting all aspects of the theory and applications of computational intelligence. The IEEE SSCI co-locates several technical meetings at one location. This event attracts top researchers, professionals, and students from around the world. More details on: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/epnsugan/index_files/SSCI2013/ 
IEEE CICARE 2013 related topics include but are not limited to:
· Ontology Driven Knowledge Management
· Decision Support Systems
· Telemedicine
· Medical research using Grids
· Interoperability
· Medical and Nursing Informatics
· Confidentiality and Data Security
· Wearable Health Informatics
· Semantic Interoperability
· Therapeutic Systems and Technologies
· Cognitive Informatics
· Affective Computing
· Human-Machine Interfaces
· ICT, Ageing and Disability
· Design and development methodologies for Healthcare IT
· Mobile technologies for Healthcare applications (m-Health)
· Evaluation and use of Healthcare IT
· Health Knowledge Management
· Healthcare Management and Information Systems
· Electronic Health Records and Standards
· Software Systems in Medicine
· Pervasive Health Systems and Services
· Clinical problems and applications
· Data Mining and Visualization
· Consumer Health Informatics
· Virtual Healthcare Teams
· Pattern recognition and Machine Learning
· Practice-based Research Methods for Healthcare Informatics/IT
· e-Health for Public Health
· Integrating genetics with e-health
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