Winter forest reveals its nocturnal secrets


(Image: Tommy Vikars/Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen)

Don't be fooled. These deer aren't grazing faster than the speed of light. Tommy Vikars of Finland has been named European Nature Photographer of the Year 2012 by the Society of German Nature Photographers for this picture.
Vikars wanted a night shot of the white-tailed deer that live near his village, so he hid near a spot where two local brothers leave hay for them during hard winters. There, he left his cameras in a box and used a remote shutter release from 50 metres away.
"Often the animals moved too quickly or in the wrong direction during the long exposure," Vikars said. "But when I then saw this picture on my laptop, I was extremely pleased - the effort was worth it."
Vikars is a photographer for pleasure and a carpenter by trade. While chopping up wood he realised he wanted to build himself a cabin and spend more time in his beloved forest. As a result he has plenty of opportunities to capture wildlife.
"Initially I didn't take many pictures," he said, "and just wandered around, thought about the fascination the forest exerts on people, how many secrets are to be discovered there."


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