Special Eurobarometer 390: Cyber Security Report

This report brings together the results of the Special Eurobarometer public opinion survey on “cyber security” in the EU27 countries. It is estimated that, worldwide, more than one million people become victims of cybercrime every day. The European Commission has recently proposed to establish a European Cybercrime Centre to help protect European citizens and businesses against these mounting cyber-threats. The centre will be the European focal point in fighting cybercrime and will focus on illegal online activities carried out by organised crime groups, particularly those generating large criminal profits, such as online fraud involving credit cards and bank credentials.

The EU experts will also work on preventing cybercrimes affecting e-banking and online booking activities, thus increasing e-consumers trust. A focus of the European Cybercrime Centre will be to protect social network profiles from e-crime infiltration and will help the fight against online identity theft. It will focus on cybercrimes which cause serious harm to their victims, such as online child sexual exploitation and cyber-attacks affecting critical infrastructure and information systems in the Union.

The strategic priority given to tackling cybercrime is also reflected in the strategic and operational targets in the fight against cybercrime that have been agreed between Member States, the Council, the Commission and Europol. The aim of the survey is to understand EU citizens’ experiences and perceptions of cyber security issues. The survey examines the frequency and type of internet use that EU citizens have; their confidence about internet transactions; their awareness and experience of cybercrimes; and the level of concern that they feel about this type of crime.

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