Nano/Micro Biotechnology (Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology)

Part I The Nano-Scale Biological Systems in Nature; Molecular bio-motors in living cells – by T. Nishizaka; The form designed by viral genome – by K. Onodera; Part II Detection and Characterization Technology; Atomic force microscopy applied to nano-mechanics of the cell – by A. Ikai; Design, synthesis and biological application of fluorescent sensor molecules for cellular imaging – by K. Kikuchi; Dynamic visualization of cellular signaling – by Q. Ni and J. Zhang; Part III Fabrication Technology; Surface acoustic wave atomizer and electrostatic deposition – by Y. Yamagata; Electrospray deposition of biomolecules by V.N. Morozov; Part IV Processing Technology; Droplet handling – by T.Torii; Integrated microfluidic systems – by S. Kaneda and T. Fujii; Part V Applications; A novel non-viral gene delivery system: Multifunctional envelope-type nano device - by H. Hatakeyama, H. Akita, K. Kogure, and H. Harashima; Biosensors - by M. Saito, H.M. Hiep, N. Nagatani, and E.Tamiya; Micro bioreactors – by Sato and T. Kitamori
November 6, 2012
Isao Endo (Editor), Teruyuki Nagamune (Editor)

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