Leveraging Cloud-Based Delivery Capabilities

IDC White Paper:

eDiscovery is a business process whereby the technical controls for data management are supported by the implementation of various technologies. To date, there are primarily two technology architecture approaches for automating these core processes end to end: the single-vendor platform approach and the multivendor, multiplatform hybrid approach. The emerging do-it-yourself (DIY) eDiscovery approach is a permutation of the hybrid approach and leverages technology advances pioneered by the cloud or software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. The key facts to note about DIY eDiscovery solutions are:
-         DIY eDiscovery solutions enable an organization to utilize the infrastructure and enabling technologies of a third-party service provider while still employing the organization's own internal business processes and domain experts to execute and manage the eDiscovery process end to end.
-         DIY eDiscovery solutions support multiple use cases under the single-vendor platform and multivendor hybrid eDiscovery infrastructure models.
-         There are a myriad of options available for DIY eDiscovery, and not all offerings are created equal, especially with cloud or SaaS-based technologies quickly becoming viable eDiscovery platform alternatives. An organization should therefore scrutinize its options very closely, keeping in mind its litigation profile, the maturity of its processes and technical capabilities, resource constraints and IT strategy objectives, and the features, functionalities, and service capabilities of the third-party service provider. Buyers should also pay close attention to the differences in pricing and licensing models in the context of the features and capabilities of the third-party service provider as well as the provider's financial stability and security protocols.
-         Legal matters change throughout the life cycle of the case. An eDiscovery matter that starts seemingly small and easy to handle can quickly escalate into something larger and more complex. Given this, DIY eDiscovery solutions will likely be only a part of any organization's approach as the flexibility to migrate from in-house tools to outsourced service provider solutions with minimal disruption and data risk will be critical, depending on the criteria of the matter type.
-         An organization needs to engage in a strategic assessment of its needs and resources (internal and third-party enabled) using best practices, given this evolving eDiscovery landscape.


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