Government Sector eID and ePassports booklet

A use case study on National eID and ePassport projects

The "Government Sector eID & ePassports" booklet, was distributed in 2011, at the 3rd National eID & ePassport Conference. It features three representative stories of PrimeKey deploying National eID and ePassport projects (in Georgia, Sweden and Turkey) and aims to bring you closer to how we deliver such technologies and why our projects are always successful.

Lasting Open Source services

The interviews with our CTO Tomas Gustavsson and our Director of Production Lars Bågnert will get you in touch with PrimeKey, showing you how PrimeKey makes Open Source services a compelling alternative, and how PrimeKey creates lasting relationships. As an example, we are in our seventh year of a services contract with the Swedish National Police Board...

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CTO interview

Interviewer: We keep hearing that EJBCA, the PrimeKey product that implements PKI, is the most widely used PKI product in the world; true?

TOMAS GUSTAVSSON: Well, you can never really tell, can you? What is definitely true is that we have over a thousand downloads every month, and we find out every month about some new “serious” PrimeKey users of EJBCA – be it a country or large companies.

Interviewer: What can you tell us about use of EJBCA? In which countries is it used, within which fields?

TOMAS GUSTAVSSON: The EJBCA PKI product is used in all the western countries, in China, in Japan, and across greater Asia. While EJBCA is running in Africa and South America, we have not heard of any use in Antarctica yet....

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Massive scale financial services in the cloud

One of three topics showcases PrimeKey open source, delivering mission-critical financial services on a massive scale, securely, in the cloud. This PrimeKey customer accounts for 75% of the banking and government transactions of millions of citizens...

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