An Information Society Project with ATOS for İzmir

As one of key player of ICT sector in Turkish Market, ATOS contributes Turkey's e-transformation efforts into an information society with its software services and testing centers in different locations.

After its strong presence with 6 locations (İstanbul: Maslak, Güneşli, Kartal; Düzce, Ankara and Ordu), ATOS plans to expand its services to İzmir in coordination with Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication and its permanent board of "Internet Improvement Board".

Information society is crucial for Mr. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication. It means the realization of all e-Government applications and projects and also citizen centric e-Government approach of Turkey. Therefore he strongly supports such kind of initiatives for Turkey.

ATOS takes advantage of Turkey's young and educated people on ICT within its information society projects and gives them an opportunity to play an active role in ICT world based on their experience.

On 8th and 9th November ATOS and Internet Improvement Board make an evaluation meetings on the İzmir Project. I'll share the conclusions and next steps of the İzmir Project on my blog.

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