Waiting for a Report of "Augmented Reality Community Group"

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Augmented Reality Community Group

W3C is about an Open Web Platform; https://wiki.mozilla.org/WebAPI is about the development and further W3C standardization of open API's. On synergy of Open Hardware API's, hardware sensors, and Open Web Platform - is the work of this W3C AR Community. Purpose for this W3C AR Community is, respectively, in connecting these initiatives with AR related communities and initiatives like Open AR, Open ARWeb, AR Standards, AR Forum, W3C POI WG, WebRTC, WHATWG, Web Applications WGs, Khronos WG's, IETF WG's, ROS, PointClouds, OpenNI, OpenCV etc. on the topic of Augmented Reality Web. W3C AR Community development should help the development of the reference AR Web platform, dedicated to testing and experimenting with a reference implementations of W3C's and other open industry standards; evaluating a possibility of the secure data schemes for storing the Point Clouds (a set of colored points in 3D space, usually achieved in the process of 3D scanning) and other social-related GIS AR data; discussing, developing and proposing the open standards for hardware and software interfaces of open standards based Augmented Reality Web; developing the propositions for healthy conditions of Augmented Reality use.

AR Group is responsible for publishing Reports about their works. But no reports yet published. Since their formation last year all AR related sectors and individuals are waiting for the outcomes of their studies.


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